A Peaceful Retreat by the Main Road

331 — Chesa Curtinella, Pontresina

Direct commission

A Jewel's Story Unfolds

330 — Villa Klainguti, Pontresina

Direct commission

Smart Living Design on a Small Budget

335 — Apartment Cumünela, La Punt

Direct commission

Landscapes and Living Spaces: A Dual Delight

333 — Maisonette Splendida, St. Moritz

Direct commission

We can only create good architecture if we respect the place where we build. Caty Emonet, owner

A home for 10 legs, 12 paws and 20 wheels

326 — Einfamilienhaus Chapella, S-chanf

Direct commission

Chesa Pedrolini: Resilience in the Face of Fire

324 — Chesa Pedrolini, Samedan

Direct commission

Meticulous Precision Unveals a Playful Spirit

321 — Apartment building Muntanella, Samedan

Direct commission

As an architect you have to like people. Caty Emonet, owner

Less is More: The Power of Simplicity

336 — Apartment Pro Bosio, Zuoz

Direct commission

More than just a Doghouse

315 — Chesa al Spelm, St. Moritz

Direct commission

Elegance in Simplicity: A Harmonious Refuge

337 — Apartament Via dal Bagn, St. Moritz

Direct commission

Understanding Needs. Designing architecture.

For the Engadin native Caty Emonet, there is no place she’d rather be. Her heart is set on the Engadin, a place where the Alpine landscape exudes strength and beauty, and where traditional architecture seamlessly intertwines with nature, extending a warm embrace to all. But there’s more to the story. Discover how Studio C’s ‘Architecture According to Needs’ not only prioritizes aesthetics but also benefits both us humans and our environment.

“Especially in the interplay of architecture and landscape, respect for both the old and the new is paramount to us.”

Giovan Battista Buzzetti

Architect at Studio C

In a world dominated by standardisation and mass production, Studio C champions uniqueness and personalised solutions. A few years ago, this spirit of individuality led Giovan Battista Buzzetti make a significant switch from a regional architectural giant to the locally rooted Engadin Studio C. “I was just a cog in the machine,” explains the Italian architect, “but at Studio C, I take charge of a project from start to finish, from planning to delivery.”

This sentiment of the Lombard native resonates strongly with his colleagues. “You can feel the motivation within our team,” agrees Mareike Buch, head of planning. “It’s much more fulfilling to have the autonomy to oversee a project from start to finish, rather than having only momentary involvement. Studio C grants us the freedom we are responsible for, and Caty always instills us with confidence in our own decisions and abilities.” - “However, despite this independence, we ultimately collaborate because we share the same values,” Giovan chimes in. “Especially in the interplay of architecture and landscape, respect for both the old and the new is paramount to us. And,” he adds with a playful wink, “Of course, we all cherish the balanced work-life balance that allows us fully enjoy Engadin life.”

“Even the most stunning designs need to pass the reality test. But the architects at Studio C? They often spot design weak spots themselves.”

Markus Berweger

Pini Group St. Moritz

In the world of turning design dreams into reality, creativity and vision need a trusty partner with technical expertise. Enter Markus Berweger, the specialist planner from the Pini Group St. Moritz, who has a pivotal role (to say the least) in the planning process. While architects shape the aesthetics of a building, structural engineers like Markus focus on the nitty-gritty of structure and stability, making sure that the building stands strong and steady. “Even the most stunning designs need to pass the reality test,” Markus chuckles. “But the architects at Studio C? They often spot design weak spots themselves – after all, structural engineering is part of their training.”

With Studio C’s 2D blueprint in hand, Markus delves deep into the structural landscape. Where should walls align? Where shouldn’t they? How does the load travel from the rooftop down to the foundation? Each detail gets scrutinised and rated. If changes are needed, Studio C’s creative juices come rushing back into play. When asked what sets Studio C apart, Markus doesn’t hesitate: “They’ve got women power!” He rarely encounters such a solution-focused team as Studio C, one that genuinely values the expertice of specialist planners and taps into a bubbling fountain of design ideas and alternatives for every challenge. “It’s a real two-way conversation,” he notes, “and that’s what makes this collaboration a joy!”

“Work is always a pleasure when accomplished architects and adept construction managers work hand in hand, striving for optimal solutions.”

Gian Andri Lehner

Engatech AG

A mere 15-minute drive through the picturesque alpine valley, and we find ourselves transported from Studio C’s tranquil office to a bustling construction site. Nestled on the outskirts of Pontresina, the renowned mountaineering village, this is where Studio C’s visions come to life amidst the clamour of hammers and machinery. The skeletal structure of a future staff residence stands resolute, while the ceremonial topping-out tree defies the elements. We navigate a labyrinth of hanging cables, sidestep beams, and descend raw concrete steps.

In the boiler room, we meet Gian Andri Lehner, head of plumbing installations, who has been involved in this construction journey from day one. “Our role kicks in the moment there’s an excavation,” he explains. “That’s when we lay down the main pipelines, such as those for sewage, or engineer a pump shaft when we’re deep underground and water can’t flow naturally.”

With his family-run business, Engatech AG, Gian Andri is a familiar face across numerous valley construction sites, well-versed in the industry’s ins and outs. He can’t help but shake his head at some of the industry’s recent developments, stating, “In recent years, there’s been an undeniable sense of urgency – everyone wants things done faster. But there’s no magic wand. We still need to follow drying times and work with certain materials which take time.” Nonetheless, he loves what he does, “I’m committed and a go-getter who always enjoys diving into work.”

Especially in light of the palpable shifts in construction practices, Gian Andri’s expertise is in demand. “The Studio C team values the insights and experiences of practical folks like us. It’s imperative for architects and craftsmen to have open communication,” he emphasises. “And given that Caty and I are both Engadin natives who converse in Romansh, our linguistic connection adds an extra layer of understanding.” He concludes, “Work is always a pleasure when accomplished architects and adept construction managers work hand in hand, striving for optimal solutions. In our respective domains, we each have a part to play: it’s the architects who have the vision, while we are the ones who assist them in bringing it to life.”

Blick über den Inn, links und rechts bewaldete Berghänge, hinter dem Fluss strahlend hell beleuchtete Wolken
Eine Frau steht im Korridor ihrer Wohnung, an einen Türrahmen gelehnt, und schaut entspannt in die Kamera

“I had initial reservations but witnessing the beautiful harmony between wood and black changed my mind. Now, this colour scheme influences various elements like doors, furniture, or fixtures.”

Ursina Früh

Client apartment Zuoz

Our journey takes us further alongside the rushing Inn River to the charming village of Zuoz, where Ursina Früh greets us with a warm smile at the door of her apartment, a stylish retreat that recently underwent an extensive makeover by Studio C. Ursina willingy shares her experiences as the project’s principal. “Right from the start, it was clear that significant changes were required,” she reflects, elaborating, “It wasn’t just a matter of removing walls; it required a complete overhaul. Despite not residing in Engadin, I made frequent trips to be personally involved. I understood from previous construction projects that being on-site is essential for making well-informed decisions.”

When asked about her collaboration with Studio C, Ursina doesn’t hold back: “It was a resounding success!” She applauds the team for their clear communication, innovative design proposals, and the efficient flow of the construction process. The trust nurtured in this working relationship bore fruit, as seen in Caty’s suggestion to design the bathrooms with beige tiles, wood accents, and black fixtures. “I had initial reservations,” Ursina recalls with a smile, “but witnessing the beautiful harmony between wood and black changed my mind. Now, this colour scheme influences various elements like doors, furniture, or fixtures.” Consequently, it’s in interior design that she identifies Studio C’s recognisable hallmark, which infuses a space with a seamless blend of elegance and cosiness.

“We really take the time to listen, observe, and analyse carefully. We pick up on unspoken wishes and devise creative solutions to fulfill them.”

Caty Emonet

Owner Studio C

So, is this the magic formula behind Studio C’s triumph? Understanding their clients’ needs while tuning into the essence of the site, the location, the environment? “We really take the time to listen, observe, and analyse carefully,” Caty nods. “We pick up on unspoken wishes and devise creative solutions to fulfill them.” However, turning an architectural firm into a hub of inspiration and, dare we say, of success takes more than that. “We are driven by passion and a creative spirit,” Caty remarks, “but what truly sets Studio C apart is our transparent and collaborative approach, whether within our team or in concert with our clients.” Core values like trust, empathy, and respect are brought to life here. “Just as I believe our projects give something back to their residents and to their surroundings, it’s important to me to foster a culture at Studio C that we all perceive as an added value, motivating us to come together, to create something together – all while having fun in the process.” She chuckles. “And that’s a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated!”

Studio C’s architecture elegantly weaves traditional elements with contemporary approaches, not for the sake of stark contrast but for a vibrant harmony between the old and the new. It quickly becomes evident that Studio C is home to architects who thrive on transformation, honoring the past while sculpting the future. In this sense, for Caty, a building can never be a vessel for an architect’s ego. It‘s about dedicating oneself to meeting needs and allowing the structure to articulate its own narrative, “This is my place. This is where I belong.”